FAQ'S-The Elf Shelf Holiday Store


Do we pay for Shipping?

 The Elf Shelf Holiday Store pays for all shipping!

Can we return left over merchandise?

Yes, The Elf Shelf Holiday Store takes back all leftover merchandise! The PTA/PTO/school is never out any money with The Elf Shelf Holiday Shop.

Do we need to pay up front?

No! You do not pay us until the end of the store. 

Do we need to take inventory?

No! The Elf Shelf never requires you to count inventory.  

Can we place re-orders on popular items?

Yes! We overnight all re-orders through UPS as long as you submit your re-order form by 12:00 CST!

Do you offer a financial assistance program?

Yes! We offer elf bucks for the kids that cannot afford to shop on our store!


How Much Money Does The School Make?

We let the PTA/PTO/School pick the profit. (0%-30%) Whatever, your organization decides to mark the store up to. Is what your school gets to keep. 

The Elf Shelf Holiday Store qualifies as a service project/give back for your school as long as you choose (0%-10%).

Click Here to View the PRicing Sheet (0%-30%)

Are your gift Items CPSIA Compliant?

Yes, all of our items are department store quality,kid priced and CPSIA Compliant! 

Click Here to see the Actual CPSIA Test Results

Do you take Debit/Credit Cards?

Yes! We take debit/credit cards. We use www.paythankyou.com to run all of our credit/debit card transactions. This is FREE service to your school!