Cash Register FAQ's


Does the cash register already have our markup included?

Yes! We will already have your markup programmed in your register before we deliver it to you! You can mark your store up (0%-30%)

Click Here to See Pricing Sheet

Do you take Debit/Credit Cards?

Yes! We take debit/credit cards. We use to process all of our debit/credit card transactions!

Does each child get a receipt?

Yes! Each child does get a receipt!

Do you give step by step instructions?

Yes! The Elf Shelf Holiday Store gives you step by step instruction's. Along with a instructional video. The Elf Shelf Holiday Shop can also  give you 1 on 1 training at your school.

Click Here to Watch The Cash Register Training Video

The Elf Shelf Holiday Store- Cash Register Training Video

The Elf Shelf Holiday Store encourages all volunteers running the cash register to watch this video!

Elf Shelf Holiday Shop-Step by Step Cash Register Instructions

Directions Casio (pdf)